viernes, 25 de mayo de 2007

The Bilbo pony cart

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jolabent27 dijo...

This trap, for one pony or horse, and to carry four persons, is designed as a general-purpose vehicle such as would be used by Hobbits for the same purposes as people would use a general utility vehicle such as a Ford Fiesta hatchback or similar.
They would carry themselves, family and friends, or transport their vegetables, tools, and similar things around the Shire.
It is a simple, robust cart which is cheap to operate, and may be built by any competent cartwright. The seats lift up to provide stowage for the cushions and for personal effects, and may be left open for the transport of vegetables or other goods.
The ground clearance is high and the tyres broad to facilitate travel over rough ground, and the folding steps will, if left down, yield to any obstructions encountered and return to their normal position when the obstruction has been passed.
Because the vehicle is often used for journeys carrying passengers, it is equipped with leaf springs, which make it more comfortable to ride in.
It may be hauled by a good strong pony or small horse.
This version for the Proyecto Pequeña Tierra Media is, of course, designed to be used by full-sized people, but a Hobbit-sized version, suitable for children and a small pony, such as a Shetland, may be obtained by altering the scale from 1"=1'0" to 2"=1'0". Building to that scale will effectively reduce the size of the cart by 50%, so that it will be only 3feet long, 3feet two-and-a-half inches high at the front, and 3feet wide, and would suit children up to seven years of age.