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HOBBIT-HOUSE Drawing No.14
This Hobbit-house, the "Bolger", is for use where the site is unsuitable for Hobbit-holes. It can be provided with similar accomodation to that of a Hobbit-hole, although it does not need the ventilation system that a Hobbit-hole does. It really a Hobbit-hole built above ground of brick and with a thatched roof, being a rounded tunnel in form, with round windows and doors, according to the customs and preferences of Hobbits as explained by Professor Tolkien.
It is, of course, more visible than a Hobbit-hole, but, with mellow brick-and-wood structure, and having a thatched roof, it blends in well with the rural landscape, particularly if trees are planted around it.
One such, built in a "T" form, would serve as an inn, with acomodation for guests.

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