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The western doors of Moria

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Drawing Number 29D. THE WESTERN DOORS OF KHAZAD-DUM (Moria):
These doors, designed by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien are modified technically in order to facilitate construction when the Doors are actually built.
The technology exists to-day whereby these Doors could actually be made to obey a voice command, so that if a person stood before them and said "mellon", the Doors would obey the command and open.
It was also stated in the text of 'The Lord of the Rings' that formerly, in times of peace, Doorwards sat by the Doors, which were normally open.
It is likely that such Doorwards would be required to-day in order to supervise the admittance of visitors.
Material for the Doors and pillars is natural stone.
Two holly-trees are to planted, one on each side of the pillars.
The height overall is 9'5".
The height from the ground to the top of the arch is 9'1"
The height to the lower apex of the arch is 8'4 1/2".
The height to the apex of the Doors is 8'0"
The height of the pillars is 6'1 1/2".
The width overall is 6'9".
The width of each Door is 2'0", making a total Door width of 4'0".
The width of each pillar at the outside of the base plinth is 1'4 1/2", tapering to 9" at the top of the pillar itself.