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The Hall of Fire

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Drawings Numbers 25A,25B,25C,26. RIVENDELL, the Hall of Fire:
The principal building in Rivendell is the Hall of Fire, a social centre for the Elves, and the place where Bilbo Baggins sat and wrote both poetry and the notes for his book, which formed the base for the work later known as the Red Book of Westmarch.
I have designed this Hall as a circular building of one floor. In the centre of the Hall stands a Centrepiece, comprising a circular fire, growing plants, and a fountain, and intended to represent Water, Fire,Earth, Wind, and Growth (see Drawings Numbers 23A,23B,23D).
Above the Centrepiece is a canopy made of sheet-steel which collects the smoke from the fire and evacuates it via a combination chimney/ventilator in the roof of the Hall (see Drawing Number 25C).
The Hall itself comprises (a) A circular chamber which is a gathering-place, and contains a stage, two rostrums, and a catering-bar.
Natural light is supplied by two rows of windows located high up in the walls. (b) It is surrounded by a circular Library containing bookshelves around its inner walls, seats, and reading desks for purposes of study.
There are doors at intervals, allowing passage to and from the Library from both Hall and Terrace.
The Library is surrounded on its outer periphery by a circular covered Terrace.
From one side of the Hall leads a covered walkway to the Hall of Elrond. Off of the walkway are the Rest-rooms, and also the Kitchen and pantry/cellar apertaining to the Hall of Elrond.
The Hall of Fire is twenty-nine feet six inches high and ninety feet three inches in diameter.
The Drawing, Number 25A, is a composite drawing of the external (on the right), and the internal (on the left) appearances of the Hall. Horizontal Elevation.
The Hall of Fire is a social gathering-place where Elvish people may study, write prose or poetry, enact plays, play music, give recitations, learn the Elvish languages, etcetera.