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Royal Barge of Queen Galadriel

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Drawings Numbers 21A,21B,21C,21D,21E,21F. THE ROYAL BARGE OF QUEEN GALADRIEL.

This vessel of 42 feet overall length is intended principally as a Royal Barge for the Ruling Elven Queen of Lothlorien, for use on the rivers and lakes of the region. Also, the vessel may be used for private charter or general passenger work.
The Barge is propelled by up to eight oarsmen, and carries a square sail on a single pole-mast. She is fitted with leeboards in the same way as Dutch and Thames sailing-barges, and steers with a steering-oar over the stern on the Starboard side of the stern-post.
She is of shoal-draught, drawing 2 feet 4 inches in ballast, and 2 feet 9 inches laden, with a beam of 12 feet 6 inches and a moulded hull depth of 6 feet. The overall dimension from the bottom of the keel to the top of the coachroof of the Great Cabin is 11 feet 7 inches.
She is of extreme round-bilged form, with a strong tumble-home, and the space between the inside of the hull and a vertical line taken down from the bulwarks is occupied by buoyancy tanks for almost the entire length of the ship, including the lazarette.
There is no such thing as an unsinkable ship, but to sink this one would be very difficult.
Although she is principally designed to operate on inland waters, she would stand to serve at sea well enough, if required to do so. In any case, big lakes can provide plenty of problems in a gale of wind, and a nasty sea can kick up more quickly in fresh water than it does in salt water.
A notable feature of the Barge is the Great Cabin, the overall length of which is 15 feet.
4 feet of this is taken up by the Galley and Heads. From the Galley a short companionway leads up to the Steering Platform, from which the vessel is conned.
Below the Steering Platform on the Poop is a small cuddy for stowage.
Below the sole of the Great Cabin is the Lazarette, in which are situated the fresh-water tank and sewage holding-tank. The rest of the Lazarette is occupied by stores.
In the main part of the Great Cabin at the after end, is the High Table and Royal Throne. At this table sit the Royal Pair and the principal guests.
Immediately forward of the High Table are the two Lower Tables, one to Port and one to Starboard, at which sit the other guests.
The Great Cabin can accomodate for dinner eighteen persons, including the Royal Pair.
The reason for the vessel being designed with a shallow draught is that many of the local waters in Little Middle Earth, especially the rivers, are shallow. Also, this construction allows the vessel to be hauled ashore when necessary for painting and other maintenance, without the need for a dry-dock or slipway, both of which are expensive to use.
The tables and benches in the Great Cabin are to be made collapsible, so that they may be struck down and be replaced by folding chairs in order to accomodate visitors for tours around the lake where the Barge is based, and up-river.
Private parties can also be catered for, including the provision of Dinner served on board while the Barge is under way, and Angling-parties during which Luncheon can be provided and served, all of which provides an income for the vessel and her operators.
The use of the Barge can be incorporated with public and private functions (such a Weddings, for example) being held at Rivendell, Moria, and Lothlorien.