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Moria: general arrangement. Horizontal elevation

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Drawings Numbers 29A,29B,29C,29D,29E. MORIA (Khazad-dum):
When Professor Tolkien described Moria, he explained that it was a vast underground city comprising eight levels and seven deeps, with many halls, chambers, armouries, workshops, passages and other facilities.
It is clear that it would be unreasonable, and probably impossible, to reconstruct such a vast metropolis to-day, nor would it be likely that there would be sufficient practical use for it.
What I have done, therefore, is to design the West Doors, stairs, access tunnel and one hall, in order to give people some impression of the original might and grandeur of Khazad-dum, and which can be employed in conjunction with the virtual system proposed by Don Gonzalo Fernandez Amago.
The West Doors (Drawing Number 29D, shewn in this blog) are according to the original drawing by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, excepting for technical modifications which I have made in order that the doors can actually be built. When the Professor made the drawing, I am sure that he never envisaged that anyone would actually propose to build the doors.
The West Doors open onto a "broad flight of steps leading upwards", as described in Professor Tolkien's text, and these steps lead upwards and debouche into a passageway which, in turn, leads into a large hall which can be used for banquets, conferences, lectures, and for the virtual system.
It would be possible to add extensions to the system if required, however, I am aware that mining and tunnelling are expensive operations, and I do not yet know what is the nature of the strata under the mountain where the Consortium propose to build.
I have designed the tunnel and hall using an ovoid (egg-shaped) section in order to give strength combined with an impression of height, and have also designed the pillars and buttresses for the same purpose.
Under the floor of the Hall is a large drain which also forms a reservoir of water, because there is usually to be found water underground in mountains, which has to be disposed of.
The surplus water is evacuated via another drain which flows underneath the access tunnel, down underneath the stairs and entrance chamber, and from thence away downhill.
The water retained in the upper drain under the Hall, being fresh from under the mountain and therefore presumably pure and drinkable, may be used for domestic purposes if any accomodation and catering are to be carried on in Moria.
The West Doors are eight feet high by four feet wide, the arch is nine feet five and a half inches high by six feet nine inches wide.
The Entrance Chamber is sixteen feet long by twelve feet nine inches wide.
The Stairs are sixty-two feet long rising at an angle of sixty degrees to the Tunnel.
The Tunnel continues for a distance of ninety-one feet before it opens into the Hall. The Tunnel has a headway of eleven feet, and an inside width of eight feet (see Drawings Numbers 29B and 29F).
The Hall measures thirty-two feet in height and is twenty-four feet wide. The length of the Hall I have left for the Consortium to decide.
The Hall is reinforced and decorated by standing pillars, buttresses, and rib-pillars at intervals of twelve feet along the length of the Hall.
I have also designed (Drawing Number 29E) a statue of Durin the First (The Deathless), First Lord of Khazad-dum. to be placed within the Hall.
This statue of the Lord Durin, seated upon his Throne, is four feet ten inches high, and three feet four inches wide, including the Throne itself.
These designs are intended to give the visitor some vision of the might of Khazad-dum.