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Lothlorien Elven Boat for general use

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Drawing Numbers 22A,22B,22C, The "Elven" boat for general use:

The "Elven" boat is intended for general use on the lakes and rivers of Little Middle Earth.
The boat is 16 feet 6 inches overall length, 5 feet 3 inches beam, and 3 feet 4 inches moulded depth, and with a draught of 1 foot 7 inches aft, and 1 foot 5 inches forward when laden.
She is propelled by Elvish paddles, and steered by means of a steering-paddle over the lute stern.
She can accomodate six paddlers and a steersman, but can be manned by only two paddlers in good weather and calm conditions.
There are buoyancy tanks throughout her length, and a square sail which can be set on a pole mast stepped just forward of amidships.
As with the Royal Barge, she has a figurehead in the form of a swan's head and neck.
A number of these boats can be built for use as hire-boats for visitor's use, either for hire with a Boatman or without, as they are simple boats and easily handled even by persons with little experience. They would suit well for family excursions.
A smaller version of ll feet in length can also be built for use by from one to three people.