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Lothlorien: The palace of Galadriel

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Drawings Numbers 30N,30-0,30P,30Q,30R. THE ROYAL PALACE of QUEEN GALADRIEL and CELEBORN.

This Palace stands upon sixteen tree-form pillars, each one being three feet at the base, and tapering to one foot two inches at its junction with the attic floor.
The height of the First Floor above the ground is twenty-five feet, and the ground space underneath forms the Courtyard.
Each of the pillars between its base and the First Floor is fitted with three ceramic flower-pots which contain flowers and hanging plants.
The First Floor contains the Main Hall, Throne and Dais, Kitchen (which is equipped with a dumb-waiter which conveys items such as stores and food between the Courtyard and all the Floors), two Stages (for music and other entertainment), Public Rest-rooms, and Private Rest-rooms for the Royal Pair.
The Main Hall is 53 feet by 53 feet (2,809 sq.ft.), and is surrounded by a Terrace which is 5 feet wide. Each side of the Main Hall is equipped with three glass double-doors giving access to this Public Terrace, and all the length of the sides of the Main Hall is mainly of glass windows.
The total outside measurement of the First Floor, including the Terrace, is 63 feet by 63 feet (3,969 sq.ft.).
Access to and from the Courtyard is by means of two spiral staircases.
The Second Floor contains the Royal Apartments and the Royal Guest-rooms; the walls are constructed of wooden planking on the outside and inside with fireproof insulation between, in a similar way to the construction of the "Elftree" tree-houses (Drawing Number 30E).
Each wall on all four sides has three double-doors of decorated glass, and each pair of doors is flanked by a decorated glass window on both sides.
The Royal Apartments are arranged as follows: The Royal Bedchamber, the Royal Study and Sitting-room, the King's Bathroom, the Queen's Bathroom, the Principal Guest's Chamber, the Principal Guest´s Bathroom, two other Guest Chambers with bathrooms, the Dining-room, the Drawing-room, the Royal Library, and the Ladies and Gentlemen's Rest-rooms.
Access between the various parts is effected by means of two corridors, and access to-and-from the Main Hall on the First Floor is by means of a spiral staircase in the Vestibule.
The Royal Apartments measure 52'6" by 52'6" and are surrounded by a Terrace which is 4 feet wide.
The total outside measurement of the Second Floor, including the Terrace, is 60'10" by 60'10".
The Third, or Attic Floor contains the quarters of the Royal Attendants, and these are arranged as follows: Ten servant's bedrooms, menservant's bathroom, womenservant's bathroom, Servant's Hall, storeroom, linen-room and ironing-room. There are passageways between the three attics which comprise the Attic Floor.
Access to-and-from the Second Floor is by means of two spiral staircases.
The Attic Floor measures 49'8" by 49'8", outside measurement.
The High Steward and the Head Chef will probably reside in their own Tree-houses outside the Palace.
Each of the three attics is equipped with glass windows at each end, and also with Dormer windows in the roofs.
The roofs (Drawings 30N and 30R) are tiled with green ceramic tiles in tongue-form. There are approximately 28,500 of these tiles.

The purpose of the Royal Palace, apart from being the Residence of the Rulers of Lothlorien and the Administrative Centre of the Complex and of the surrounding forest, is to serve as a prestigious Banqueting Hall and Entertainment Hall for visitors, in particular VIP's.
The Royal Couple, when elected to their place by the Consortium, will not only control and administer Lothlorien, but will be expected to entertain important people in the Main Hall, and to invite the most important of these occasionally to stay with them in the Royal Guest-rooms and dine privately in the Royal Apartments.
At other times, when the Palace is not occupied by important guests, the General Public may visit the Palace and meet the Royal Pair.
In pleasant weather, one or both of the Royal Pair can invite guests to join in an excursion in the Royal Barge (Drawing Number 21).
The Complex of Lothlorien is intended, of course, to be sited in a forest, of which there are a number in Little Middle Earth.
All the Tree-houses and the Palace are situated at 25 feet in height from the ground, and at a short distance away will be invisible (see Drawing Number 30T).