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The Elftree House

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Drawings Numbers 30B,30C,30D,30E,30F,30G,30H,30I.
LOTHLORIEN, The "Elftree" Elven Tree-house:
This Elven Tree-house is designed, in its smaller version, to accomodate two persons, plus an occasional guest. It measures 14feet by 14feet, and is equipped with a lounge/diner with kitchen area, bedroom, and bathroom suite.
It is supported in the tree by means of fourteen steel chains, each chain of 3/8" tested steel links.
The two inner chains are suspended from "Freetree" trunk hangers and are anchored to 4"by4" tee-sectioned steel girders at the house-frame.
The twelve outer chains are suspended from "Freebranch" hangers and are anchored to the bottom of the house-frame.
The "Freetree" and "Freebranch" hangers are designed to allow free movement of the houses without abrasion to the trees.
In cases where it would not be adviseable to hang supports directly from the trees, I have used pillars, either of bought-in tree-trunks from authorized suppliers, or, alternatively, of reinforced concrete simulated to appear as tree-trunks.
In particular, the larger version of the "Elftree", to suit four or five persons, will be better sited on pillars, rather then hangers.
The "Elftree" tree-houses consist of a frame of tubular steel clad in wooden planks (outer and inner walls), with thermal insulation between the walls and upper and lower floors and roofs.
The upper roof is shingled with wooden shingles to match the surrounding treescape.
The "Elftree" has two floors; the lower floor contains the living accomodation, and the upper floor is an open-sided terrace with a roof.
Access to and from the ground, directly, is by means of a spiral staircase built around the tree-trunk. Access from the house to other houses and the Palace is by means of aerial gangways and bridges. Stores and water are supplied by means of simple hoists (see Drawing Number 30I, Sketch (d)). Access by wheelchair is by means of "Tresaf" cabin-hoists (see Drawings Numbers 30J and 30K).
These houses will be located at 25 feet from the ground, the same as the rest of the complex of Lothlorien.
Cooking and heating are provided by a kitchen-range located in the kitchen area. The range is wood-fired, has a draught-inducing chimney fitted with a spark-arresting trap (see Drawing Number 30I).

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Lothlorien, the heart of Elvendom in Middle Earth, was entirely built in the great trees of that region, principally Mallorn trees, of great girth, height, and strength. Such trees as these do not now exist on Earth, at least not in Europe.
If we regard the image of Lothlorien as depicted in Mr.Peter Jackson's film trilogy of the Lord of the Rings, we see that it is a majestic view of the great tree-city of the Elves, which uses, of course, the technology of the cinema. However, if we are to re-create this in a form which can be actually occupied and used by our "Elves" of to-day, we must modify our ideas into a form which may be achieved by modest commercial concerns. The same criteria apply also to Rivendell and Moria, where, again, the re-creation of these places on the same scale as envisaged by Professor Tolkien and Mr.Peter Jackson would require the injection of so much capital that only people with the financial capability of Mr.Bill Gates or Mr. Rockefeller could hope to achieve it.
Accordingly, I have designed all my work on Little Middle Earth with the view in mind that everything should be within the financial capability of ordinary individuals and modest commercial concerns to construct, and is capable of generating an income sufficient to recuperate the money invested and provide a reasonable fair profit to the benefit of those investing their capital and energies in the Project.
The complex of Lothlorien is composed of 24 Class "A" (small) tree-houses, 4 Class "B" (large) tree-houses, and 4 Class "C" tree-houses, all arranged in a circular form and surrounding the Royal Palace of Queen Galadriel.
The houses are arranged in two circles, inner and outer. The houses are connected one with another by means of gangway platforms, so the people may walk around the entire circles, from house to house.
The two circles are connected with each other by means of suspension bridges, and the inner circle is connected to the Public Terrace of the Palace by the same means (see Drawing Number 30S).
The Class "C" structures are for use as Cafe-Bars, Shops, or similar establishments-
The Class "A" and "B" tree-houses have their own private terraces above their roofs, and the Class "C" are situated in the middle of their own terraces, for the convenience of their customers.
Access to and from the ground is provided by spiral staircases, but access for people in wheelchairs is provided by "Tresaf" Cabin-hoists in suitable locations around the site (Drawings Numbers 30J and 30K).
In the Drawing Number 30S the complex of Lothlorien is shewn as a stylised plan, wherein it consists of two perfect circles.
In practice it may not be as formal as this, because of the location and type of the actual trees at the site.
I have not been shewn the site, nor has it been described to me, so that I have no way of knowing exactly how it is. However, be that as it may, the general idea of the plan can probably be followed fairly closely.
The complex, including the Palace, will contain approximately eighty persons when all is occupied.