domingo, 17 de junio de 2007

Middle Earth Diligence

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jolabent27 dijo...

Drawings Numbers 19A,19B,19C,19D, "The Eriador" open diligence: This diligence, to be hauled by two horses (plus a trace-horse in very hilly country) has a capacity of twelve passengers, plus two in wheelchairs, and is intended to operate Public Transport Services within the Shire and elsewhere, inclusive of narrow roads and rough tracks. It is, therefore, only five feet six inches wide between the outsides of the wheel-rims.
Apart from the covered top, there are side-screens,front-screen, and rear-screen, which are made of canvas, and may be rolled down in order to protect the passengers and crew in the event of inclement weather.
Access by wheelchair is by means of a portable ramp to either side of the vehicle.
When not in use, this ramp is stowed between the frames at the rear end of the vehicle.
There is a tuck-box to hold refreshments.
For details of Wheels,Hubs,Axles,Bearings,Steering,Brakes, etcetera, please consult the Drawings under Numbers 7 and 12, and adjust the scales as required.
A full set of drawings can be supplied by Post.