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Hall of fire: Centrepiece

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Drawing Numbers 23A,23B,23C,23D. Middle Earth RIVENDELL, CENTREPIECE for the HALL of FIRE.

This Centrepiece is intended to represent Water, Earth, Growth, Fire, and Wind.
The Central Aboreal Column is topped by a Fountain Bowl which discharges water over a bowl of Blue Crystal Quartz into a Stone Basin.
Below this Basin is another and larger basin containing Earth and a bed of growing Flowers.
Below this is a rimshelf of stone, around which is a circular trough made of 1/2" thick steel, lined with refractory brick, containing a wood fire.
Around this Fire is a circular stone rimshelf upon which the Elves and their guests may rest their beer-mugs, wine-goblets, and dishes.
Below this, the edifice is supported by the Central Arboreal Column.
MATERIALS: The Central Arboreal Column is made of fire-proofed hardwood, such as elm or oak, or, alternatively, of moulded reinforced concrete simulated to the appearance of a wooden tree-trunk.
The basins are of stone or ceramic.
The Firetrough is made of 1/2" mild steel plate, welded construction, line throughout with refractory bricks sealed with fireclay.
A Canopy, made of 1/16" gauge mild steel sheet, is incorporated into the structure of the building, and guides the smoke from the fire into the Chimney (Chimney/Ventilator Dwg.No.25C, also shewn in Dwg.No.25A which is featured in this blog), which evacuates it from the building.
The Centrepiece stands right in the centre of the Hall of Fire.

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