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Elven House

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Drawings Numbers 28A,28B,28C,28D.

Suitable houses for persons involved in study courses in Rivendell are shewn in these drawings. Number 28C is shewn in this blog. Others upon application to me (full scale size supplied by post).
These Elven-houses can be constructed in various sizes. I have shewn the larger one, which has two bedrooms, each with bathroom and toilet. A lounge, dining-room, toilet, fireplace, kitchen, pantry and log-store.
The kitchen range is wood-fired.
There is also a large attic-
All of the French windows and other windows are glazed with decorated glass (Drawing Number 28D)
In this large version, on the First Floor are two large bedroom/studios, each with its own bathroom suite. The First Floor also has a covered Terrace on two sides with separate access from each bedroom by means of French windows.
On the Ground Floor is a Lounge with fireplace and toilet and access to the First Floor by means of a staircase, and two sets of double French windows leading onto the covered Terrace which is on two sides of the building.
A pair of doors lead into the Dining-room from the Lounge.
The Dining-room has double French windows leading onto the Terrace aforementioned, and a door leading into the Kitchen, which is equipped with a wood-burning range, a separate Pantry, and a sliding door giving access to the toilet. Another door from the Kitchen gives access to the Porch, which incorporates a log-store.
The Attic is large enough to be converted in additional accomodation, if required, and can have Dormer windows fitted for this purpose.
The two flues, one from the Kitchen range and the other from the Lounge fireplace, use the same central chimney.
The smaller Elven-house has one bedroom/studio and a lounge/diner with kitchen area, and uses the same general style.

DIMENSIONS: Vertical..The overall height of the house is 28 feet (to the top of the chimney) The vertical dimensions of each floor, including the Attic, are 8 feet for each one.
Horizontal: The overall dimensions of the house are 37 feet long by 25 feet wide.
The Terraces are 5 feet wide.
First Floor: Bedroom/studio one is 20 feet by 16 feet. Bedroom/studio two is 17 feet 3 inches by 16 feet. The bathroom suites are 8'6" by 6'6" in each case.
The stairs measure 16 feet by 2 feet 9 inches.
The Ground Floor: Lounge is 20 feet by 16 feet. Dining-room is 16 feet by 10 feet. Kitchen is 16 feet by 10 feet. Pantry is 5 feet by 4 feet. Porch is 8 feet by 3 feet 9 inches.

MATERIALS: Natural stone, wood, pillars of reinforced concrete simulating tree-trunks, glass, fire-proofed insulation.