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Hall of Elrond: front view

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Drawings Numbers 26,27A,27B,27D. THE HALL of ELROND:

The Hall of Elrond is a Dining and Banqueting Hall which will seat one hundred and eleven persons, and its wood-fired kitchen will cater for the same.
The two long tables will seat one hundred persons, and the High Table on the raised dais at the far end will seat eleven persons of rank and privilege.
There are also separate Rest-rooms for the higher-ranking persons.
The Hall is heated in Winter by four wood-burning stoves, one in each corner.
The Hall of Elrond is twenty-three feet six inches high overall, and seventy-five feet long overall.
The main part of the Hall is twenty-feet six inches wide, the Kitchen is fourteen-feet wide, and the outer Rest-rooms twelve-feet side, a total of fifty-two feet six inches overall width of the building.
The Hall of Elrond is an adjunct of the Hall of Fire, and is connected thereto by means of a covered walkway, off of which are situated the Kitchen, Pantry/cellar, and General Rest-rooms.
The Kitchen has a wood-fired range with four ovens, eight hotplates, a roasting-spit and open fire.