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Moria: Hall in mountain

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Drawing Number29A,29C,MORIA (Khazad-dum). Chamber in Mountain (The First Hall of Khazad-dum).

This Hall is designed in ovoid form in order to give both strength and an impression of height.
Pillars, with buttresses and rib-pillars are constructed at intervals of twelve feet between centres along the length of the Hall. The eventual length of the Hall will be that required and stipulated by the Consortium.
Underneath the Hall runs a drain to accomodate and evacuate water which may emanate from underneath the mountain, as frequently happens.
As this water from the underground source is likely to be pure and suitable for domestic use, the drain is designed to also form a reservoir of fresh water.
The surplus water is evacuated via a drain which runs under the access tunnel and stairs (see Drawings Numbers 29B,29F), and so outside.
The Hall gives the visitor an impression of the original grandeur of Khazad-dum, and may be used for banqueting and entertainment, and lectures in conjunction with the virtual system proposed by Don Gonzalo Fernandez Amago.
The Hall also serves as an entry to any extensions to Moria which may be proposed for the future.

DIMENSIONS: Vertical..Height overall 35 feet. Height inside of Chamber 32 feet. Headway from floor to apex of roof 25 feet. Height of drain arch 4 feet. Depth of floor to bottom 6 feet seven inches.
Horizontal..Width overall 27 feet 5 inches. Max.width inside Chamber 24 feet 2 inches. Width inside at floor level 19 feet 2 inches. Width of drain arch 7 feet 5 inches.

MATERIALS: The Hall is mined directly into the mountain, from the inwards end of the Access Tunnel and as far inwards as may be desired by the Consortium.
The lining or shell of the Hall is of reinforced concrete one foot thick. This shell is itself lined on the inside with a natural stone facing six inches thick.
The pillars, rib-pillars, and buttresses are all of natural stone.

jolabent27 dijo...

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